MR. Light Solutions offers many lighting control solutions to meet all your show needs. 
MR. Light Solutions specializes in GrandMA2 and Pathport network interfaces. Below 
is a sample of the products that MR. Light Solutions offers. Packages are available by
the day, week, month or longer. Contact for package 
prices and equipment availability.
GrandMA 2 On PC Command Wing
GrandMA 2 On PC Fader Wing
Grand MA2 NPU
4096 Parameters
Pathport Octo Node (8 DMX outputs)
Pathport VIA 12
Gigabit Ethernet Switch
Dell 15" Touchscreen Laptop
Core I7, 1TB HDD, 16GB Ram 
4GB Dedicated Video Card
GeChic 15.6"
Touchscreen Monitor
TMB Proplex A/B Opto Splitter
City Theatrical
WDMX Transceivers

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